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Aakritikalakriti was founded with the purpose of utilizing decades of expertise and industry insight to create high-quality projects and strong relationships, while maintaining an unrelenting focus on client satisfaction, all of which allow us to deliver superior results and exceed expectations on your project. As we always continuing to grow and adapt, our leaders are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment where each team member can bring their unique strengths and expertise to every project.

Our dedicated team comprises of highly experienced Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, CAD draftsmen, Construction management professionals, 3D Visualizes and Modeling experts with a strong flair for innovation and Quality.Our team is well versed with National CADD standards (NCS) and International building code (IBC).

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Although we have several reasons that why you should choose us, the foremost is that We love what we do, some might say a bit too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on.

We deliver quality

As designers, the one thing that continues to resonate throughout our business is quality. From the moment you begin to discuss the project, right through to completion, we aim to uphold the highest standards possible and ensure that our clients are left with not only a great interior, but a pleasant experience

We are never Selling

We treasure the trust that comes with you selecting us for your project. Respecting your budget is a key part of maintaining that trust for us. This means that we'll never show you options that are far beyond your budget's reach, we'll ensure that you have perfect clarity around how your budget will be spent throughout the project, and your projects will be priced as flat fees vs. on hours worked

We are Creative

Our interior designers think outside of the box on many occasions, whether it be the placement of surfaces and socket point in a kitchen or the installation of a marine tank to affect the lighting of a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, our interior designers are capable of delivering a truly unique and truly brilliant interior design project every single time.

Professional Services

Our exceptional project management will ensure that the process of bringing a design you love to life, which includes product delivery and returns, vendor management, scheduling and coordinating, are all executed well. Your project will be delivered on time and on budget


Our Services


We offer a full range of services throughout the construction process from design through project completion. We understand that each project is unique and has different requirements. We will tailor our services as necessary to meet the individual needs of each and every client.

Our Services


Aakritikalakriti cultivates beautiful, functional spaces, excelling in both commercial and residential interior design. With a timeless, gracious approach to interior decorating, space planning, furnishings, remodels and new construction, the designers of the Studio work with their clients to create a unique home or business customized to the clients needs.

Our Services


Our approach to architectural practice is rooted in our respect for the environment and creative collaboration with each project's stakeholders. Our holistic, integrated approach yields architecture that delivers lasting value to owners, investors, users and the community while conserving natural resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Projects

From shop owner to independent local businesses, our clients come in every shape and size, and so do their requirements. We are passionate about helping them build the facilities of their dreams, from small-scale tenant improvements to ground-up build-to-suits, and everything in between. This project portfolio is just a sampling of our work, which we are proud to showcase

Customer Reviews

Once you've decided to work with Aakritikalakriti, it's given that the outcome will likely be exceptional. Among a field of very talented and capable design firms, clients select us for the way we bring them from concept to implementation.

The design echoes efficient space utilization. We feel that all our needs have been cautiously speculated and nurtured into the available space. This is an exemplar of a minimum cost- space efficient design without altering the serenity in the aesthetics of our office - iSquaresoft.



Our experience has been nothing short of amazing. In our entire two years of working together, there was never any doubt that they were 100% behind us through every step of the process. They are creative, strong negotiators and provide end-to-end service from discovery to legal to construction. I would happily recommend them to anyone who has commercial real estate needs,



Finding people you can trust that deliver quality is a long process for many. But Aakritikalakriti provides quality in every way. Bit pricey when you compare with others but you will spend that difference in hard currency all the same. Just in other ways and with more uncertainty, frustration and risk,


Sanjeev Sinha

Where do we go from here?

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